About the quotations

So our student will flit like a busy bee through the entire garden of literature, light on every blossom, collect a little nectar from each, and carry it to his hive…
~Desiderius Erasmus, De Copia, 1512, translated


These quotations come from my personal collection of commonplace books, into which I’ve hand written each one.

They inspire me toward creativity. They reveal my values. They challenge my ideas of what is possible. They motivate me to develop my capacity for free-thinking.

I strive to provide correct attribution; to reference the source of original work whenever possible; and to link to the source material wherever available.


I protest, for about the hundredth time, against the slipshod method of quoting a mere author’s name, without any indication of the work of that author in which the alleged quotation may be found. Let us have accurate quotations and exact references, wherever such are to be found. A quotation without a reference is like a geological specimen of unknown locality.
~Walter William Skeat, Notes and Queries, 6th ser., vol. ix., p. 499, quoted by William Francis Henry King in Classical and Foreign Quotations, 1889

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